To Flairz!

(I realise this is late, damn scheduled posting didn’t post!)

What’s Up WordPress,

Happy 28th of January!

It’s Saturday again and we’re nearly at the end of January already, the last couple of weeks have flown past.

So this week I have been working on a lot of different thing’s in my spare time. I nearly have all the bits I need for the first of my new YouTube video’s which should be online at some point in the next 5 days if all goes to plan so I hope you’re looking forward to it? I know you are! All I’m missing are a few segments by certain persons, siblings included, to finish it off then I can put it all together ready for: (shameless self promotion)

This coming monday I begin my new Hardcore fitness regime. Along with my siblings, Ken and Roo, we are going to get ourselves in decent shape at last, especially since Roo is a bit of a podge-a-saurus. We’re using a set of dvds that Rory got and I’m pretty sure there are only 2 possible outcomes if we follow the routine properly, those being that we A: get monsterously ripped and end up looking like Konan the Barbarian! or B: die. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of hoping for option A, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Why am I watching the Simpsons movie?

Band practice this week was schweet. We ran through our set of tuunes a couple of times and then got to work on the new song which is sounding pretty damn sexy so far so I’m looking forward to throwin’ down some vox fo’ that shizzle soon. I think once it’s finished and I’ve finished the lyrics to the 4th song we should be just about ready for infamous first gig. Huzzah!

As of today it’s 11 days until our Anniversary! 3 year’s since I drunkenly (too much of a big Jessie to ask sober, go me) mummbled “Ja’wanna go out wit meh??” To which she lovingly replied something along the lines of “Well since your parents are paying me to get rid of you, Sure!” But seriously how have you managed to put up with me for 3 years? Unless you really are being paid… Or you’re using me as an experiment for your psychology course…

Love You Gorgeous!! 😀

In other news I’m heading out tonight to Flairz to see my buddies Hornet ( play for the first time in a while, and by that I mean that I havn’t seen them play in a while not that they havn’t played in a while. You know what I mean. So it should be a good show, I might even record some of it cos I’m like that. So if you havn’t seen them play, go and see them play, you won’t regret it. They put on a Damn good show.

A fairly uneventful week so not a whole lot to write about sadly but next weeks should be a goodun, and of course the youtube show is out next week too, so look out for that.

That’s about it from me this week,

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To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m behind your TV…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!