I’m Baaaack

Whats up WordPress!

Long time no see, hows it hangin’ broski’s?

Whats that? Where have i been? What are you talking about ive been right he…. Yea alright you rumbled me, I guess I’ve been slacking recently, im very sorry wordpress. Can you forgive me?

To be perfectly honest with you ive not had too much to write about these last couple of weeks sadly so its been quite a struggle to write a nice long blog about those reasonably uneventful weeks.


Here I am, back again, with………… a little bit to talk about at least.

First things first,

Not only have I been slacking on the blog front but also on the vlog front. Episode 3 of “It’s OnlyDomGiles” is now about 5 weeks over due, which is only half my fault. It was just about ready to throw together but I was short 1 or 2 things, but my loving phone decided it didn’t like my laptop and as a result half of the videos I made went all corrupt and broken and poo. Not cool phone, not cool. So unfortunately I had to redo them which I know doesn’t seem like too much work since my videos are not the most professional looking videos on youtube but I do do about 15 takes of each bit of video to make sure I have a lot to choose from because I’m a bit of an OCD perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing. Thus only making things harder for myself. But I digress. The good news is it’s almost done and will be up tomorrow, if not tonight depending. So please keep a look out for that, I hope it will be as well received as the last 2, and there is a bit of an announcement in there too which is all very exciting assuming it all goes to plan. Of course judging by my lack of commitment these last couple of weeks it will sound a bit silly and far-fetched (not the Pokémon).

Speaking of vlogs.

My little baby brother Ken, the Shrek-like one, is looking to start his own videos soon as I believe I have said before on here, but I bring it up again as it’s getting closer to actually happening now, so when it does I will of course have links in here to direct you to his channel as well as links in my next vlog too. He’ll be doing Vlogs like mine as well as daily vlogs and more importantly “Let’s Play”s of his favourite games, which isn’t such a bad idea now I think about it.

Maybe I should start making some game play videos. It seems to be what most of the top youtubers do. Some even have separate channels dedicated to their gaming escapades. I could make videos of me getting killed on Call of Duty’s online, or getting slaughtered on Gears of War online, or getting totally pwn’d on Halo online. (Is that the correct way to write it? maybe pwned? I dunno)

I’ve been playing Mass Effect for the first time correctly this last couple of weeks too, at Kens order. I’ve tried playing it before but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn’t care enough to get into it. I’ll be honest, I still don’t care, But it’s achievement points, most of my conversations consisted of Them: “Commander Shepard, thank Jebus you’re here we have an emergency!” Me: “I should leave.” Turns out this doesn’t get you very far. I have discovered however, that there are lots of side missions in the game, which require very little effort or attention so I am able to slip back into my old mind-set I developed playing World of Warcraft for 4 long years, where I can just switch off, or auto-pilot or whathaveyou and Grind through them with no real appreciation of the passage of time. It helps, that’s all I’m saying. (I still miss you WoW, I’ll be back some day *stares into middle distance*) I’m still only a little way through the actual main story but apparently have been playing for a fair few hours and according to Ken have done just about the the side missions available to me currently, so Go Me! I’ll let you know how I get on.

In other news, my small furry beastie, who had his first ever sick day last week, Go James for no sick days, is mere weeks away from becoming a big boy of 6! Which, I’ll be honest, is veeeeery scary. He’s still ickle in my mind, despite the whole, year 1 of school, Orange belt in Karate, smarty pants stuff that I associate with him nowadays. So we have the joy of organising his birthday party, which is at least just about sorted, just a few invites to give out and whatnot. It’s going to be fun! He’s very much looking forward to it. Now I just have to buy him presents…..

It’s only a couple more weeks until Sarah finishes her long arduous journey at university finally comes home so me and blondie are very much looking forward to that, as I’m sure is she. She’s on the home stretch now so Best of luck to her, we know she can do it!

Now lastly, Music. Couple things; firstly my self teaching of it is not going too badly, I can now play a number of chords off the top of my head and even put them together in an order that doesn’t sound too horrible. Still can’t go in to G easily but I’ll work on that. Might even post a couple of videos soon so prove I’m not making it up!

Rough Divide news. Our debut gig is swiftly approaching, just a little over 2 weeks left. It’s on Saturday the 7th of April and The Tubman in Hastings from 9pm onwards so get there early, we’re supporting our chums Hornet so it should be a darn good show if all goes well. Hell even if it doesn’t all go well it’ll still be a laugh. Just a little song tightening and set organising left to do, and then of course there’s the issue of attire but we’ll sort that out closer to the time. As long as me and CarlCarl don’t turn up wearing the same dress everything will be fine. But seriously, 1 or 2 more practices and we will be ready to rock and/or roll, depending on your preference, all over the Tubman, and all over your faces, so I hope to see you there.

I do of course still have other musical endeavours on the go but I will reveal more about those as they progress and when the time comes so stay tuned and I promise to keep this up to date and stop being lazy with it.

And on that note;

That’s all from me for this week, and I suppose last week too,

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To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m inside your xbox tray…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!