About Me

Hello there!

Welcome to my strange little world.

I’m Dom Giles as the title would suggest.

I’m 23, I live in Hastings, East Sussex and am currently unemployed and spend my time with my gorgeous other half Sarah of almost 3 years, when she’s home from uni, and fathering a wee beastie and occupying myself in many different ways.

I have started this blog for several different reasons, my own amusement, to log the progress of my new years resolutions, and for anything else I can think of.

I’m a singer, a gamer and, as i said, a boyfriend to Miss Saru and a father to a mad 5yr old. I have a number of musical projects on the go at present and have a reasonable amout of experience in the music performance field.

I recently finished at the Brighton Institue of Modern Music where I studied for a Pro Diploma in Music, which I passed with Distinction, aaand that’s about it as far as my qualification’s, on paper at least, are concerned.

I love shows like How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Chuck and Big Bang Theory to name a few and I am a self confessed wrastling fan. That’s right, one of Those people! WooWooWoo You Know It!

I used to have quite a closed mind with music but these day’s I’ll listen to pretty much anything, from Classic Rock to Hip Hop, Grunge and Rap to Modern Pop, from Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit to Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes, Dream Theater and Kamelot, ICP and even Nero. (yea it rhymes, cos thats how I roll 😉 )

Also I hate writing “About Me’s” which is why I’m clearly struggling with this.

I’ll think of something else to write here later, watch this space.

Enjoy your stay!

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Dom Giles, Out!


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