Religion (The Touchy Subject)

Please allow me to start off by saying, I am not a racist, and I am not discriminate, I am not sexist, ageist, or any other “ist’s”, however, I’m writing this here because I’ve just been exposed to a video posted by a girl on youtube about the tsunami that hit japan last year. Turns out it wasn’t a natural disaster as we were all foolish to believe, it was infact, and I quote, “GOD showing all the atheists he exists” and she is thankful that it happened and hopes it happens to the US and Europe too. Are you serious?! What is wrong with you? Are you mentally deficient? This then set me off on one of my old man rants about the state of the world which is what I’m going to do now.

There are so many religion’s in the world and not I, nor anybody else, has Any place saying which is right or wrong or telling other people their beliefs are wrong or sinful. You’re so conviced that your prefered religion is right and/or real, prove it.

Now I myself am not exactly the most religious person as you might have guessed. I used to be, ish. I wen’t to a christian school where we had prayer’s, visited the local church on the odd occasion for this, that and the other, hymns is assembaly, the lot. However my opinions changed over time. I’m not all close minded as im sure some may asume. I do believe that all of this, from animals, to plants, to birds, dinosaurs, custard, nectar points, the jersey shore, chocolate moose puddings and even the spice girls, is all too much to be a coincidence or fluke. What caused it I obviously dont know, but it happened and we’ll probably never have an agreed final conclusion. However I am a strong believer in karma, I have been know to take interest in the spiritual from time to time, ghosts, spirits, medium’s, tarrot cards and all the rest, within reasonable doubt anyway. So basically I, just like all of you, am just one form of what we all like to refer to as Nutters.

The problem I have infact lies not with religion, or the idea of, but with religious people. Everyone has their own opinion on religion, everyone has their own faiths and beliefs, everyone is entitled to this. BUT. Please, for the sake everyones sanity, keep it to yourself. I have no problem with what you believe but please don’t harrase me in the street, over the phone or at my own front door, and try to jam it down my throat. I don’t need saving, cheers anyway. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however, noone has the right to tell anyone else that that person’s opinion and belief is wrong because its differnt to their own.

I remember exactly the day i lost all belief and interest in religion. An ex of mine, way back when, was being “confirmed” which i believe is like the seaquel to being christened. I attended because, at the time, I had been going to the kids “evening church groups” that she used to go to, with her. I didn’t see a problem with it up until the point where they were all asked to play “repeat after me” by the guy leading the ceremony. He then proceeded to spout off the biggest load of bull I’d heard in a long time. It was all “I accept that I am nothing, I am bad, I am sinful, everything I do is a sin, my being alive is infact a sin that I need to ask for forgiveness from god for” etc etc etc. Piss Off. Who the hell are they to tell these kids, we were like 14/15 at the time and the rest were younger, to stand there and basically apologise for being born and promis not to do it again. Surely if this wonderful, forgiving, almighty higher power is so fantastic then why does he need children to tell him they’re sorry for existing it’s just they didn’t realise it was so sinful.

We live in a world where anything we could ever possibly want to know about or know how to do etc is available on this wonderous thing we call the internet, everyone and their mother has a touchscreen mobile device, a thing that we humans invented, which allows us to communicat with anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds, no sending messengers, posting letters, morse code, carrier pigeons or anything else, just boom, phone call. Correct me if i’m wrong but, isn’t it the year 2012? Isn’t this the 21 century? Yet, despite all this, all these advancements, because of religion, and the religious people and their beliefs, we have problems in the world such as Ireland being 2 countries, they actually have cemetarys with two seperate sides and underground wall’s (I jest not) dividing them because of their conflicting religions. Can’t have those dead folk mingling. Get your shite together and grow up.

Muslims are typecast as terrorists because a select few decide to blow themselves up in the name of their chosen religion and beliefs thus rendering all muslims, no matter how innocent and unrelated they may be, potential terrorists in the modern worlds eyes. Do you think thats fair? Because that seems like bull to me. I have several friends, (and by that I mean 2) who get stared at in train stations, and are always the ones picked on at airports for the “Random” passenger searches, and lets be honest, it’s because of their appearance. People just assume they’re bad people based on one colletive of nutjobs who decide that Their belief is right and to prove it they’ll blow them selves, and everyone around them, up!

I don’t care if you are Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Mormon, whether you are a Scientologist, or believe we’re just an accident and we’re born and we die and that’s your lot. There are plenty more religions around the world I havn’t mentioned but thats only because I can’t think of them right now, it in no way means they are not as important or further from being right than any other.

It’s fine, it’s your call, it’s non of my business to question it, it’s noone else’s business to question it, however, this is a two sided coin situation. It is also non of your business what I, or anyone else believe, nor is it your place to correct anyone else. If everyone just shut up, removed their heads from their rectums for a moment, and left eachother alone to follow or believe what each of us wants too then the world would be one hell of a better place to live in.

As I stated at the start, this was not intened to offend, and if you take offence, I will not apologise because I can’t help that you are taking offence to something not meant offensively. But that’s another rant for another blog.
I could go on about this subject for hours, however even my attention has started to waver as I’m sure has yours, so for now I will call it a day. Maybe I’ll cover this subject again in a later blog.

That is all from me today, Thank you for reading.

Dom Giles, Out!


To change or Not to change…

To change or not to change, that is the question. Or at least, that is the question on my mind recently. This is of course in regards to the current state of music, and the demands for.

The thought came to me a couple of weeks back when a friend of mine bought Norwegian Prog Rock veterans Kamelot’s new album “Poetry for the Poisoned”. Now personally I am a huge fan of Kamelot, they were one of the first bands I was exposed to in the genre and drew my interest into the Prog scene and I love their music. However, this friend of mine had nothing nice to say about their new release and verbally tore it a new one. With complaints of the album being too heavy, too dark, and not enough like their previous work. Sufficed to say this was his first, last and only listen to the album. Upon buying and listening to this supposed monstrosity I found myself very much enjoying the album and I still don’t see what all his fuss was about. Yes its darker, yes its heavier, but it does still sound like them, to the point where I found some of the songs on the record to be rather reminiscent of their prior releases.

Granted so far this just sounds like a CD review but bare with me.

It got me thinking, a little while back my brother and his other half bought the new Paramore album. The exact opposite reaction soon followed after they had given it a listen. They too disliked their new purchase, their reason being, that it sounds Exactly (that’s right, capital E) the same as their last album release. Same sounding songs, same sounding riffs and lyrics. They then too proceeded to bury the album because the band had not changed their sound enough.

And here sits my point, looking very lost and confused.

On one hand, an album disliked because the band changed their sound and style too much, and on the other, an album disliked because there was not enough change.

Where is the middle ground? How does a band or artist change enough to please one crowd, but stay the same to please the other? Is it the artists fault? Or are we, the consumer, just too gosh darn picky for them to keep up with these days?

I’ll leave it for you to ponder.

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To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m in that box over there…

Ciao for now

Dom Giles, Out!