2012! Challenge Accepted!

New Year, New Blog!

Goodbye Tumblr, Hello WordPress.

This year will be my Biatch, it’s 2012 and time for change.

How do, my names Dom Giles, welcome to my new blog. Let’s hope this is more successful than my 2011 Blog I started last year on Tumblr.

I’m going to use this new blog, amoung other things, to track some self progression.
This year I will be taking it upon myself to 1) Get Myself Fit and Sexy, B) Learn a New Language, and Pineapple) Teach myself Guitar and Piano for song writing purposes.

Better yourself and all that.

I’ve set these tasks for myself several times in recent years but I never quite get round to it, but this year I will. At Last. With the help of Miss Saru and Mr. Jimmy of course!

Today is the 1st of January 2012, one year from today I will have achieved all of these things.

I’m also going to take a photo of myself every day to track both my “getting fit” progress, and I fancy doing one of those “take a photo of your face every day for a year” things, seems like a laugh.

See you at the other end and lets enjoy the journey!

To those who read, I thank you. To those who didn’t, Im behind the fridge…

Ciao for now

Dom Giles, Out!