One Wild Week

See what I did there ^^^^ with the title? Eh? Eh?

Hey Kids!

How you dooin? (In a Joey voice of course)

Happy June 29th

Well well kids, what a week,

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Turn the Page

Hey kids, how goes it?

Happy 21st of June

Yes I know, I’m sorry, it’s late, really Really late, but here it is. I’ll be honest, I feel like a bit of an idiot. In both my last written blog and my last daily vlog I said that I was going to make the videos more regular, maybe even daily, and that my blog would be back up to speed as a weekly thing too, and upon announcing this, I promptly dropped the ball. Like the plank I am. So I apologise for that, I want to keep this blog going for all of you that are kind enough to read and share it, for that I thank you, and so I’ll get to writing, some of this I wrote a couple of weeks back, some I’m just writing now so if it seems a little odd, out of context or old newsy that’s why.

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Whats up WordPress!

Happy 29th of April

How you doodlin?

OK so I’ve been a tad lazy the last couple of weeks, no blogs, no Vlogs, though not through fault of my own but ill get on to that in a bit. The point I’m getting at is, that to those of you who read my blogs on here, I’m sorry for my laziness and I will be back on top of this starting with this new “weekly dose of ODG” post. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoy this post, lets get to it! Continue reading

Rough Divide

Hey Kids!

Happy Tuesday 10th of April

How goes it?

Another late blog but a blog non the less.

I’ve been a little tied up in the run-up to the weekend so I didn’t find the time to write this in time for a Saturday posting so I’m writing it now. Oddly I find my self back in a Very packed play centre writing this as I discovered a couple of post back its strangely a very peaceful place to write of not for the sound levels but because there’s so much madness going on around me and non of it to do with me so I can just shut it all out and focus on this instead.

Now obviously I’m not on my larry, that would be weird. I’d probably be thrown out. If they even let me in on my own without a child. Scary looking, hairy, leather jacket wearing guy like myself wandering into a kiddies play area without bringing my own kiddie. Send’s a bad message, you know. I’ve brought the Sprog here too so he can rampage and blow off steam which he was clearly over loaded with at 6:47 this morning! (Thanks Child!) Do love an early morning wake up call in the form of being jumped on because it’s time to play with the Power Rangers…. But I suppose I was no different at his age so I’m sure I had it coming. He’s off building a tower now anyway in the new construction area, while I write this and eat his chips. Mwahaha.

Right, To Business!

As i said at the top, I was a little pre-occupied this weekend to focus on writing little blogs because this past Saturday night marked the Debut Gig of the Next Big Thing! (no not Brock Lesnar) Our band Rough Divide performed for the first time at the Tubman in Hastings on saturday, supporting our good friends the Hard-rocking Hastings Hometown Heroes; Hornet. That’s right, captain of the alliteration club right here. I don’t know about everyone else but personally it was the shizzle. It’s been far too long since I stood behind a mic and sung at people in front of me for reasons other than to annoy them with iffy karaoke. If you came down to the gig and you’re reading this then please leave me a comment below and give me your personal feedback on the show. The crowd seemed to be having a good time. In fact it was probably the most active crowd I’ve been in front of, not to knock the old Headstrong days… but we weren’t great, and our audiences made that pretty clear 😛

Anyways, the main thing I want to get across is to those who came, Thanks for coming, to those who didn’t, you missed out bro. Was a damn good show, even if my mic did spaz out. Thats just the effect I have on electronics. And people. And animals.

Hmmm…. Clearly something wrong with me….

I’m dying grass again, Big thanks to Hornet for letting us support them, and a big congrats to the guys, BooBoo, JoJo and CarlCarl, and of course our special guest Noahah? who jumped in to lend us an extra guitar on our cover song. We’re now looking at sorting out ourselves an online presence, band page on the Facebook, maybe an account on the Twitter, possibly even a page on the Youtubes. What else can I pronounce wrong that’ll annoy people.
SO keep an eye out and I’m sure I’ll be directing you to any and all pages we make when we have made them.

Rough Divide, We’re Here.

In other new’s the aforementioned little beastie is turning 6 this week! Scary stuff.
Got his party all organized, a healthy supply of presents, and I sensibly decided it would be best to let others organize the fun and games for him and his school friends rather than fail horribly to do it myself. Again.
Believe it or not he is somewhat excited about his birthday, which is of course very unusual for a child his age….. He’s been crossing the days off on his calendar. Still can’t believe he’s about to be 6, it’s crazy!

Incase you haven’t noticed, and that would be because you haven’t subscribed to me yet, I’ve started doing Daily Vlogs over on my YouTube Channel (link on the left) which may become an actually daily thing, assuming I can find something to ramble about for a couple of minutes a day. Also I have Episode 4 of It’s OnlyDomGiles in the works and should be up in the next couple of days which will of course include a clip from the gig among other stuff, people seem to be watching more now I’m a very happy person. If you are reading this and you are also one of the people watching my videos please do me the big favour of sharing said videos around with friends and family and I will love you in the face.

Speaking of Vlogs and the such like, as I mentioned in my last blog my ickle baby brother Ken, or TheKastianBlake, has started his own YouTube channel now and is putting up daily videos, well, daily, so I’ll post the link here in just a sec so you can go check his stuff out, subscribe to him too and enjoy. Now we’re just waiting for Roo to crack and launch his own channel, sadly he’s too cool at the moment but he’ll crack. Oh… He’ll crack…

Now, as well as this blog, I also have a subject blog I’m working on this week that will also be up soon, once it’s finished of course, and now I think about it I should probably start on another Game review, leave me a comment below and let me know what Game I should review next because I haven’t been playing too much Xbox this week.

And as a final closing bit of good news for today, Sarah’s home! Much to both mine and Jimmy’s excitement, just a couple of exams to squash and she’s free for good so good luck to her when it comes to that.

And on that note;

That’s all from me for this week,

Please leave a comment below, subscribe and share it with your chums, keep an eye out for future posts and please go check out my Vlogs on YouTube, all my links are in the bar to the left.

To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m probably being crushed by children in the ball pond, they tend to find me and beat me, I don’t know why…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!

I’m Baaaack

Whats up WordPress!

Long time no see, hows it hangin’ broski’s?

Whats that? Where have i been? What are you talking about ive been right he…. Yea alright you rumbled me, I guess I’ve been slacking recently, im very sorry wordpress. Can you forgive me?

To be perfectly honest with you ive not had too much to write about these last couple of weeks sadly so its been quite a struggle to write a nice long blog about those reasonably uneventful weeks.


Here I am, back again, with………… a little bit to talk about at least.

First things first,

Not only have I been slacking on the blog front but also on the vlog front. Episode 3 of “It’s OnlyDomGiles” is now about 5 weeks over due, which is only half my fault. It was just about ready to throw together but I was short 1 or 2 things, but my loving phone decided it didn’t like my laptop and as a result half of the videos I made went all corrupt and broken and poo. Not cool phone, not cool. So unfortunately I had to redo them which I know doesn’t seem like too much work since my videos are not the most professional looking videos on youtube but I do do about 15 takes of each bit of video to make sure I have a lot to choose from because I’m a bit of an OCD perfectionist when it comes to this kind of thing. Thus only making things harder for myself. But I digress. The good news is it’s almost done and will be up tomorrow, if not tonight depending. So please keep a look out for that, I hope it will be as well received as the last 2, and there is a bit of an announcement in there too which is all very exciting assuming it all goes to plan. Of course judging by my lack of commitment these last couple of weeks it will sound a bit silly and far-fetched (not the Pokémon).

Speaking of vlogs.

My little baby brother Ken, the Shrek-like one, is looking to start his own videos soon as I believe I have said before on here, but I bring it up again as it’s getting closer to actually happening now, so when it does I will of course have links in here to direct you to his channel as well as links in my next vlog too. He’ll be doing Vlogs like mine as well as daily vlogs and more importantly “Let’s Play”s of his favourite games, which isn’t such a bad idea now I think about it.

Maybe I should start making some game play videos. It seems to be what most of the top youtubers do. Some even have separate channels dedicated to their gaming escapades. I could make videos of me getting killed on Call of Duty’s online, or getting slaughtered on Gears of War online, or getting totally pwn’d on Halo online. (Is that the correct way to write it? maybe pwned? I dunno)

I’ve been playing Mass Effect for the first time correctly this last couple of weeks too, at Kens order. I’ve tried playing it before but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn’t care enough to get into it. I’ll be honest, I still don’t care, But it’s achievement points, most of my conversations consisted of Them: “Commander Shepard, thank Jebus you’re here we have an emergency!” Me: “I should leave.” Turns out this doesn’t get you very far. I have discovered however, that there are lots of side missions in the game, which require very little effort or attention so I am able to slip back into my old mind-set I developed playing World of Warcraft for 4 long years, where I can just switch off, or auto-pilot or whathaveyou and Grind through them with no real appreciation of the passage of time. It helps, that’s all I’m saying. (I still miss you WoW, I’ll be back some day *stares into middle distance*) I’m still only a little way through the actual main story but apparently have been playing for a fair few hours and according to Ken have done just about the the side missions available to me currently, so Go Me! I’ll let you know how I get on.

In other news, my small furry beastie, who had his first ever sick day last week, Go James for no sick days, is mere weeks away from becoming a big boy of 6! Which, I’ll be honest, is veeeeery scary. He’s still ickle in my mind, despite the whole, year 1 of school, Orange belt in Karate, smarty pants stuff that I associate with him nowadays. So we have the joy of organising his birthday party, which is at least just about sorted, just a few invites to give out and whatnot. It’s going to be fun! He’s very much looking forward to it. Now I just have to buy him presents…..

It’s only a couple more weeks until Sarah finishes her long arduous journey at university finally comes home so me and blondie are very much looking forward to that, as I’m sure is she. She’s on the home stretch now so Best of luck to her, we know she can do it!

Now lastly, Music. Couple things; firstly my self teaching of it is not going too badly, I can now play a number of chords off the top of my head and even put them together in an order that doesn’t sound too horrible. Still can’t go in to G easily but I’ll work on that. Might even post a couple of videos soon so prove I’m not making it up!

Rough Divide news. Our debut gig is swiftly approaching, just a little over 2 weeks left. It’s on Saturday the 7th of April and The Tubman in Hastings from 9pm onwards so get there early, we’re supporting our chums Hornet so it should be a darn good show if all goes well. Hell even if it doesn’t all go well it’ll still be a laugh. Just a little song tightening and set organising left to do, and then of course there’s the issue of attire but we’ll sort that out closer to the time. As long as me and CarlCarl don’t turn up wearing the same dress everything will be fine. But seriously, 1 or 2 more practices and we will be ready to rock and/or roll, depending on your preference, all over the Tubman, and all over your faces, so I hope to see you there.

I do of course still have other musical endeavours on the go but I will reveal more about those as they progress and when the time comes so stay tuned and I promise to keep this up to date and stop being lazy with it.

And on that note;

That’s all from me for this week, and I suppose last week too,

Please leave a comment below, subscribe to this blog and share it with your chums on your prefered social networking sites, keep an eye out for future posts and please go check out my vlogs on youtube, all my links are in the bar to the left.

To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m inside your xbox tray…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!

Kung Fu Jimmy

Whats up WordPress!

Happy 11th of March

Hows it hangin’ yo?

Sorry, wont do that again.

I realise it’s sunday not saturday but I’m afraid yesterday was a rather busy day on my part and I didn’t quite get round to writing my weekly blog thing. However, it’s 8:30 in the morning, I’m awake, much to my dismay, so I might as well do it now, better late than never and all that. So lets get to it!

First thing I’d like to talk about today, or at least state, is Well Done Mr. Jimmy! If you don’t follow my facebook or twitter feeds (links on the left) then you probably wouldn’t of heard but one of the several things keeping me busy yesterday was that I spent a good couple hours with my wee gremlin child at his most recent Karate Grading.  He’s been working well towards it, I’m told he’s actually a very good for someone his age, so after an hour class to refresh his little furry mind, and then an hour of eating lunch and throwing banana at me… It was time for him and the other persons at his level to step up and be graded. After about 10-15 minutes the door opened and in they all bounded, Big pretty certificate in hand.

Very excited for and proud of our little ninja kung fu panada child!

SO! as of yesterday he is now officially a 9th KYU which is Orange belt level. There’s a picture of him looking all scary and ninjary over on my “Stuff Because” page on the left  so go have a look at that. Following his grading he then went on to have a wild time at a friends birthday party less than an hour later, the child never runs out of energy, so he had a great day yesterday.
I also found out, as he was demonstrating his Kata to me, which if you don’t know is a series of movements and stances they have to make and/or hold, that because of a section of his kata he can now count to 10 in Japanese. Which I thought was pretty darn cool, so even more well dones to him. That just adds to the list of things that he can do that I can’t, along with use chop sticks and ice skate to name a couple. I’m useless.
Im hoping to have a clip of him performing said kata in my next vlog, episode 3 of “It’s OnlyDomGiles”

Speaking of which.

I have been filming for my late, but definitely on it’s way, 3rd instalment of my above mentioned vlog. I know you want it, and I promis it’s coming, lets see if I can have it done by Wednesday, Challenge Accepted! However the reason it didn’t come out this weekend, similar to the reason for the lateness of this blog is of course I’ve been a little tied up, but also it really doesn’t help when your videos delete themselves when you move them to your laptop. I was not amused as I’m sure you can guess. I hope you’ll be as entertained by this one as you were the last 2, and infact there’s a little announcement this week. So please keep those eyes peeled and if you havn’t yet please go check out my youtube channel (link on the left), check out my other videos, and subscribe for future videos too.

Is there a time of day Dave won’t show Top Gear?

Now in other news, our band Rough Divide have a very good practice on wednesday, ran through our set in good time and I think we’re on track to be ready for our first gig which is coming up shortly, more details to follow, I’ll announce it on my selected social networks so it’ll be hard to miss. If I’m not mistaken we’ll be supporting a band that, if you’re based around here or the surrouding area you’ll of probably heard of. So I better see you there, yes that includes you.
And you!
We made an attept to record a couple of songs on wednesday too but unfortunatly I’m to understand they didn’t work out too well, something to do with the drums being too loud I believe, darn noisey percussion instruments, but hopefully our next recordings will work out a little better, then we’ll have something to throw at your faces for you to listen to.

Continuing the music making theme, yesterday, following Jimmy finishing his grading and going off to his friends party, I took myself off to see Sarah’s twin brother (not by blood) Henry who is an awesome guitarist, father to the worlds happiest baby in the world, and the reason Sarah’s into bands like Dream Theater, which is of course the reason I’m now a fan of the whole ProgRock nation so we’ve got some music interests in common. We’ve decided its high time we started a covers band, which will hopefully work towards an originals band over time. So yesterday we spent a couple hours at his going over some cover songs, and I think it went well, though his dog wasn’t impressed. I must of sounded in pain because that dog decided to jump on me and headbutt me in the face 1 verse into a song. It was most amusing. He even humped my leg.

The dog, not Henry.

So I will have more on that later, I’m hoping we’ll be able to make some videos of our musicing too which I will of course put up on my youtube channel (link on the left) and in my future vlogs, I assure you Henry’s guitaring will make you happy in your pants. Watch this space.

Am I really watching a show called storage hunters…? I’ve never seen this or even heard of this show but it’s rediculous. These people are in Hollywood somewhere at a storage unit type place and the idea seems to be they go around, breaking open the different storage units, which i asume means the people who own them dont want them, dont care, or they’ve have them confiscated or something. Basically they go around opening them and then they bid on the unit based on a first glance and all the god knows what inside them. These people are dropping like $2,500 on a small garage full of boxes of old manky crap, pool tables, some of it looks pretty dodgy.  Only in America.

To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m fiddlering on your roof…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!

Bad Man Face Pain

Whats up wordpress!

Happy 3rd of March

How you been keepin? Long time no see eh?

I apologise for my absence last saturday but sadly i spent the week dying of man-flu in bed, which as im sure you can guess really isn’t much to write a weekly blog about.

I did however get my Assassin’s Creed: Revelations review up so if you havn’t seen it yet please go check it out and leave me a comment and some feedback that would be superdy. While you’re at it, if you havn’t already, please go watch my videos on my youtube channel Like them, leave a comment, add them to your favourites and let me know what you think.

This past friday night I went out to see my mates band The Vindickers at the Tubman, I recommend you head over to their page at and check them out because they put on a good show, even if Rob did break his string like the foolish child he is!

You know what sucks? Having your tooth pulled out. Bad times. Yes this week I had to go see my dentist so the evil man could stick lots of pointy things, and his fingers, in my face and rench one of my back teeth out. Granted it was in pretty poor condition due to both my perminently affecting health issues as a child and my fantastic new habbit of grinding my teeth in my sleep which I’m sure you can guess does wonders for them. I’ve decided this is god punishing me for my religion blog the other week. This was a couple of days ago now but my tongue and jaw and mouth as a whole (get it?) are still feeling pretty battered and bruised. Crips are off the table for the time being in any case. I always wonder, why do dentist gloves taste so horrible? They leave an after taste too, wah’s up wit dat?

MUSIC now.
Our band Rough Divide are now working on our newest song and we’re looking to hopefully be gigging by the beginning of April so keep watching this space as well as my facebook and twitter for news on that. We’ll have a page up soon too for you to “Like” if you really love me. Along with this some of the other music projects I’m working on, cover bands and the like, should be coming together soon, youtube videos included, which I’m hoping will get some love too.

I’m also starting to get the hang of this Teaching myself to play guitar malarkey. Solo tunes coming soon baby. (did i really just say baby?)

I’m going to have another Subject Blog post coming this next week at some point once I’ve finished it, this time I rant on what I feel is the rather outdated notion that is Racism. So I hope if you’re reading this you’ll hopefully read that too. I might even have another game review out depending on what game I choose, as well as a new episode of It’s OnlyDomGiles plus! some other videos if all goes to plan.


In other news my brother is thinking of starting his own vlogs/playthrough guides/commentaries on his youtube channel soon which I’m sure will be both informative and mildly amusing so I’ll give you an update and a link on that closer to when it happens, if it happens.

That’s your lot for this week, sorry again for missing a post last saturday,

Please leave a comment in the box below, subscribe to this blog and share it with your buddies on your prefered social networking site, keep an eye out for future posts and go check out my vlogs. You never know, if the vlogs take off I may focus on them more and there would be less rambling on my part here!

To those who read, Thank You, to those who didn’t, I’m in the jar of anti-man-flu tablets…

Ciao for now,

Dom Giles, Out!